Homegrown content for Aussie tourism

Simplify your marketing efforts with ready-to-use email and blog templates designed to help your business stand out in a crowded market and attract more bookings.

Chances are, you’ve had a go at building an email list or starting a blog. But if you’re like most busy tourism operators, you soon hit one of the common roadblocks:

Not knowing what to write about

Not getting engagement that translates into more bookings

Not enough time, so you end up falling behind and eventually giving up

Which is a shame, because a consistent content strategy is still the best way to keep you top of mind with past and potential visitors.

But copywriters are expensive, AI is too generic, and your time is precious.

What if there was an easier way?

Attract a crowd like this handsome devil

Imagine producing irresistible content in just a few minutes using optimised templates created by someone who understands your industry and the techniques that boost bookings.

It’s time to be devilishly smart with your resources and sign up for a Write The Island subscription.

With new customisable templates delivered every week, we help you keep ahead of your marketing while focusing on what you love most.

The result? Staying connected with visitors by sharing valuable content means more bookings, more often.

Better still, it costs less than your weekly takeaway coffee.

Why choose our subscription?

If you’ve got an email list that’s gathering dust or a blog library that hasn’t been updated in yonks, you’re in the right place.

Weekly templates

Access new email and blog templates every week, tailored for the Australian tourism industry

Boost bookings

Engaging topics designed to keep you connected with past and future visitors and increase bookings all year round

Easy customisation

Simple prompts make it quick and easy to personalise your content for your location and audience

Dedicated support

Regular Q+A updates related to email marketing, blog strategy, and everything in between

Expertly crafted

Templates created and written by true blue Aussie copywriting and marketing professionals

I know what you’re probably thinking…

“Why not just ask a robot to write content for me?”

Much like using stock photography, AI gets the job done, and fast. But it’s also terribly generic and bots are rubbish at capturing the essence of a destination.

Choosing to use AI content that lacks substance means risking a blow to your credibility.

The alternative? Connect with visitors who are looking for authentic experiences with high-quality, personalised content that builds your reputation and turns raving curiosity into oodles of bookings.

Sit tight, we're launching soon!

In the meantime, why not jump on our early bird list and be the first to hear when we open the doors.

Ready to step up your marketing game?

DIYing with templates tailored exclusively for tourism businesses really is the best of both worlds.

It’s kinder to your bottom line than hiring a copywriter to stay visible and competitive in a crowded market.

And with strategic outlines and expert guidance on crafting the perfect message every time, you can easily stay top of mind with your target market while focusing on what you do best.